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  • Awards Evening 2016
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RTW Monson British championship triumph
11th August 2017

RTW Monson British championship triumph

RTW Monson took eight athletes to this year's British Championships held in Sheffield.Women's captain Annabel Guye-Johnson led the team with three...

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Club Championships 2017

Introduction to the club championships.
30/8/2017 - More information to follow shortly

Guide to the club champs
30/8/2017 - More information to follow shortly

Click  here to download the conditions.

How to Enter
Click here for instructions on how to use the new online entry system

Program of Events

Date Venue Sign-in Warm-Up Start End Max Session Events
Fri 27-Oct-17 TSC 18:30 19:00 19:30 22:00 02:30 1 Woman's 800m Freestyle
2 Men's 1500m Freestyle
Sat 25-Nov-17 TWSC 14:00 14:15 15:15 20:00 04:45 101 100m Breaststroke
102 50m Freestyle
103 200m Backstroke
*20min Break
104 400m IM
Sun 26-Nov-17 TWSC 8:00 AM 8:15 AM 09:15 14:00 04:45 201 100m Butterfly
202 50m Backstroke
203 200m Freestyle
*20min Break
204 200m IM
Sat 2-Dec-17 TWSC 14:00 14:15 15:15 20:00 04:45 301 100m Backstroke
302 50m Breaststroke
303 200m Butterfly
*20min Break
304 400m Freestyle
Sun 3-Dec-17 TWSC 8:00 AM 8:15 AM 09:15 14:00 04:45 401 100m Freestyle
402 50m Butterfly
403 200m Breaststroke
*20min Break
404 100m IM

TWSC = Tunbridge Wells Sports Centre, St. Johns Road.

TSC = Tonbridge School Centre

Please note: Swimmers should arrive in good time to sign in and be on pool side for the start of the warm up.


The Final results of the Club Championships will be placed below after each event.
Results will also be available during the event using the 'meet mobile' app on Android and Apple iOS.

Overall Results:
Decathlon Results Men
Decathlon Results Women

Pentathlon Results Men
Pentathlon Results Women

Results of individual events.
50m Freestyle Men
50m Freestyle Women
100m Freestyle Men
100m Freestyle Women
200m Freestyle Men
200m Freestyle Women
400m Freestyle Men
400m Freestyle Women
800m Freestyle Men
1500m Freestyle Men

50m Breaststroke Men
50m Breaststroke Women
100m Breaststroke Men
100m Breaststroke Women
200m Breaststroke Men
200m Breaststroke Women

50m Backstroke Men
50m Backstroke Women
100m Backstroke Men
100m Backstroke Women
200m Backstroke Men
200m Backstroke Women

50m Butterfly Men
50m Butterfly Women
100m Butterfly Men
100m Butterfly Women
200m Butterfly Men
200m Butterfly Women

100m IM Men
100m IM Women
200m IM Men
200m IM Women
400 IM Men
400 IM Women

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